The Fountainward

Revisiting the myth of the fountain, the artist presents Fountainward, an exhibition where this magical site, rife with the potential for febrile ro- mantic encounters, is depicted through a series of drawings and sculptures. Images of the Tivoli fountain, multiplied in a plurality of viewpoints - but no rear views - provoke a reflection on what lies just beyond the visible. Echoing these works, sculptures occupy the central space of the gallery as strange, unidentifiable beings, seemly levitating like ghostly creatures. Inspired by vintage postcards, films and dreams, this protean artist feeds her singular visual language from these varied sources. As an artist, author, poet and art restorer, she borrows from Chinese painting, ancient tapestries and japanese manga. Hers is a dreamlike universe where animal forms and fountains collide with explosions and smoke, troubling the viewer with the mystery these effects conceal. Within the genesis of Alisha Piercy’s work is a game of concealing and revealing, in which these mysterious spaces, straight out of a hybridization of children’s tales and Baudelairian text, seek to trick our gaze.
Diagonale, Montreal
APRIL 3 - MAY 10 2014

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Alisha Piercy is a Montréal-based author,
artist and paintings conservator. CV + BIO